Microsoft Confirms It Will Return as a Super Bowl Advertiser

Tech giant continues empowerment message

Microsoft confirmed to Adweek today that it will be advertising in the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, following up its Big Game debut in 2014.

The tech giant will be running one 60-second commercial that continues the empowerment message featured in last year's ad. That commercial was largely created in house, sources said, with the new one also believed to have been produced by the company, as well.

The 2014 spot, which Adweek named the fourth best of the Super Bowl, used vignettes to show the ways technology and, specifically, Microsoft's software products empower users. The narrator (and one of the featured personalities) was former NFL player and Spokane native Steve Gleason, who now struggles with ALS. Gleason's speech is enabled by a Microsoft Pro running Tobii's eye-tracking technology.

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Here's last year's Microsoft Super Bowl ad: