Michelin “Saddest Road”

Animal lovers will get a kick out of this one. This latest Michelin ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day in New York stars the new-and-improved tire-pelting Bibendum rescuing roadkill with his Hyrdoedge tires. Called the “Saddest Road,” the spot touts the tires’ ability to stop “up to 14 feet shorter than the competition” by showing how the Michelin Man can turn the most dangerous wet, winding streets into the safest. The spot — richly animated like the others in the campaign by Psyop –opens on a dramatically dark, stormy scene of a road on which drivers have run over what seems like an entire forest of critters that lay there covered in tire tracks. Brightened by the animation and sense of humor — a flattened fox plays harmonica as it’s stuck to the ground — the scene shifts to a happier place when the Michelin Man arrives just in time to save a purple bunny from joining its suffering neighbors. The wounded are also revived by the power of the great white puffy one, and the spot ends with a Disney-esque happy dance where all the animals wiggle their way happily ever after. Yay! –Eleftheria Parpis