Miami Airport Taps 3 Locals to Compete For Reign in Spain

The Miami International Airport has selected three finalists for a new account that targets Spanish travelers.
Lourdes Galera, business manager of the Miami Dade County Aviation Department who is overseeing the airport’s $300,000 review, said Miami agencies Sanchez & Levitan, The Verdeja Marketing Group and Sivertmagan will make pitches beginning the second week of July. A winner will be announced in October.
Galera said the contract is for two years, with a county option to renew for two additional one-year terms. There is a stipulation that the agency has or will open an office in Spain.
“People [from Spain] use Miami as a hub [to] Latin America, but don’t stay in Miami,” said Sanchez & Levitan executive vice president Aida Levitan. –T.W. Siebert