Miami Agency Replaces Levitan

DALLAS Ana Eberhard, senior vice president and managing director of Bromley Communications, will run the Miami office after the abrupt departure of vice chairperson Aida Levitan, according to Bromley executives.

Levitan, founding partner at Publicis Sanchez & Levitan in Miami, stayed at Bromley last year after Publicis combined PSL with the San Antonio-based agency. Both specialized in Hispanic advertising.

Levitan left abruptly after a restructuring at the Miami office resulted in layoffs of five of the shop’s 20 employees, a move that Bromley chief operating officer Jessica Pantanini said was designed to improve efficiency. Two of the Miami office’s six clients, TXU and Pennzoil, were moved to the San Antonio headquarters of Bromley, Pantanini said.

Pantanini said she could not clarify whether Levitan was fired or quit.

“The only thing I can say is that she’s no longer with the agency,” Pantanini said.

According to some reports, Levitan may be considering legal action.

Last year, Bromley closed the Dallas office of PSL when the merger was completed.

“The point behind any merger is to become more efficient,” Pantanini said. “It is absolutely our intention to grow the Miami office. There’s terrific talent there, and they are a terrific resource.”

Clients remaining at the Miami office include BellSouth, BMW, Zales and Ross Products, Pantanini said.

In her previous position as senior vice president and director of client services, Eberhard, 38, provided strategic account direction and planning, working with the research team and overseeing the execution of client campaigns, according to a Bromley representative. She joined PSL in 1995, the agency said.

Bromley, headed by CEO Ernest Bromley, became one of the top two Hispanic advertising agencies after the merger with billings of $276 million in 2004, according to the shop.

Levitan, who started PSL in the garage of her Key Biscayne, Fla., home in 1983, expanded it with her partners into one of the largest Hispanic shops in the country with branches in Dallas and New York. Billings were more than $40 million in 2003. Levitan’s partner, Fausto Sanchez, left the agency after the merger last year.