MHRC Trashes Cigarette Litter in Arkansas

DALLAS Mangan Holcomb Rainwater Culpepper has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the harmful effects of cigarette litter on the environment for the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission.

According to the Little Rock, Ark.-based agency, research shows that even though cigarette filters are the No. 1 form of roadside refuse in Arkansas, most people do not consider the remnants to be litter.

To make the public aware of the problem, the campaign features the “Cigarette Fairy,” a disgruntled man with a tutu and princess-style headdress, who reminds Arkansans to dispose of their cigarette filters responsibly.

The 30-second TV spot opens with a car driving along a quiet, country road. As the driver tosses his filter out the car window, the Cigarette Fairy appears in a cloud of pixie dust. He picks up the filter with his star-shaped wand and says, “This stinks. Every night I pick them up and every day they’re back again.” As another car drives past him, a cigarette filter hits him in the back. He yells at the car, “Hey, watch it buddy! You’re littering, you know. It’s not like these things are biodegradable.” Before he disappears again, he mutters, “I need a new job.” The spot ends with the Keep Arkansas Beautiful logo and tag, “There’s no Cigarette Fairy. So please, don’t litter.”

TV and radio spots are currently airing throughout Arkansas under a special agreement with the Arkansas Broadcasters Association. Paid spots will begin playing in April, the shop said. Spending for that effort is undisclosed.