MHRC: Easy Does It at America’s Car-Mart

DALLAS Mangan Holcomb Rainwater Culpepper’s new advertising campaign for America’s Car-Mart shows people in stressful situations to contrast the used auto dealer’s hassle-free sales experience, the agency said.

Launched last week by the Little Rock, Ark., shop, the work reflects Car-Mart’s dedication to keeping car purchases simple and uncomplicated. The effort also introduces the client’s new tagline, “America’s Car-Mart. Drive easy.”

“Laundry” opens with a man pulling a pink sock out of his washer. He then removes a pink shirt, followed by a pair of pink boxer shorts. A voiceover says, “Sometimes life is complicated. But buying a car doesn’t have to be. At America’s Car-Mart, we offer low down payments, flexible financing and great deals. We make it easy to drive in, drive out and get on with your life.”

A second television spot, “Wallpaper,” uses a similar approach and shows a woman desperately trying to hang wallpaper in her bathroom. We also see a man attempting to fix a leaky faucet and another woman trying to untangle a mess of wires. The spot uses the same voiceover and tagline.

The campaign, which will include TV, radio, print and point-of-sale materials, will appear in Car-Mart’s seven dealership states: Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky and Indiana.

“The level of production of the TV spots represents a much higher quality of advertising than we have had in the past,” said William H. Henderson, president of America’s Car-Mart. “We’re confident this campaign will be very effective in driving new customers to our dealerships.”

America’s Car-Mart of Bentonville, Ark., spent $300,000 on advertising in 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.