MF+P Targets NFL Fans

Margeotes/Fertitta + Partners will break a $2 million TV and print campaign for National Football League Sunday Ticket, the NFL’s pay satellite television service.
Three new 30-second spots target displaced football fans. One depicts a Dallas Cowboys fan, with cowboy hat and his face made up with a blue star, trying in vain to hail a taxicab in New York’s Times Square. Another depicts a Green Bay Packers supporter in winter garb playing shuffleboard in sweltering Florida heat. The third shows a San Francisco 49ers fan weeping at the foot of the Washington Monument in the District of Columbia.
The spots are tagged “We’ve got your game,” which replaces the most recent tag, “Let there be football,” first used during the 1994-95 season.
“More football than you can possibly watch” was a theme in a direct mail piece sent out last year, said Tola Murphy-Baran, vice president of NFL Enterprises here. It was changed to better target the significant percentage of subscribers who are fans of out of town teams, she said.
“We’re particularly proud of the work, especially for the budget,” said Graham Turner, the shop’s creative director, managing partner.
The spots break at the end of July during the NFL pre-season. They will run mainly on satellite and network TV. The print campaign will break Aug. 1 in viewing guides such as Satellite TV Week and Onsat.
Margeotes has handled all Sunday Ticket’s ad duties since the service’s launch in 1994. The subscription rate is about 400,000, Murphy-Baran said.