Mexicana in review . . . again

It’s the account that can’t get off the ground. Mexicans Airlines is making agency rounds again, five months after hiring McCano-Erickson/L.A. which, as it turns out, wasn’t hired after all. Oddly enough, Mexicana’s back knocking on J. Walter Thompson’s door, the agency the financially troubled carrier fired last summer. “We couldn’t settle an arrangement with McCann-Erickson,” said Eduardo Oliverez, Mexicana’s director of marketing. “There were a few differences in the contract that we could not solve. Right now, we are talking with J. Walter Thompson and with a few more agencies. But we haven’t canceled our conversation with McCann.” The “few differences,” according to a number of sources, boil down to an estimated $1.5-million letter of credit McCann requested because, the sources said, Mexicana owes JWT about $2 million. Mexicana is spending about $5 million on advertising.
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