MeUndies Wants to Have Men Covered

Hopes to get men excited with a cheeky new Web video

Underwear delivery startup may have removed some of the anxiety about buying underwear from men’s lives, but the eight-month-old service has apparently decided it still needs to do more to get men excited about replacing their boxers and briefs. So it’s launched an, ahem, cheeky Web video series—penned by notable TV writer Mark J. Kunerth (Roseanne, Friends, The Big C)—to give the site more exposure.

Kunerth created a series of two-minute videos called “A Girl in a Bra, a Guy in Boxers” that goes live this week and will be pushed out via social media and search. Episode 1 features a couple in their skivvies, arguing over which of their friends they’d want to have sex with if the other person died.

“Women actually enjoy going out into retail stores and shopping,” MeUndies founder Jonathan Shokrian said of the site’s effort to target men. “Guys are more likely to sign up for subscription underwear. We don’t pay attention to how much underwear we need.”

Hiring Kunerth marks MeUndies’ costliest marketing move; until now, it’s relied on an email list of 60,000 and affiliate programs. The San Francisco-based firm recently moved into new digs, but should Kunerth’s quirky work go viral, Shokrian said, “We’ll need a bigger place soon.” 

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