Metzdorf’s Final Blue Bell Spot to Air

DALLAS Blue Bell Creameries breaks the last television commercial conceived by veteran creative director Lyle Metzdorf on April 7.

Metzdorf, who created advertising for Brenham, Texas-based Blue Bell for over 30 years, was killed in a sailboat fire last February in Charleston, S.C.

Blue Bell said it will create its future ads in-house.

“Can’t Get It” is based on the idea that because Blue Bell is so good, people outside the company’s 13-state market have it specially delivered. The spot features exaggerated scenarios in which a workman cleaning Mount Rushmore makes a delivery request, an Eskimo waits for his ice cream to be dropped via parachute, and a man, whom the viewer assumes is President George W. Bush, asks his Secret Service agent if the Blue Bell has arrived. The ad closes with the aide handing the president an empty carton and saying, “The Democrats ate it, sir.”

Voiceover: “Some folks go to a lot of trouble to get Blue Bell. All you have to do is go to the store.”

The spot will run in rotation with older spots in most of Blue Bell’s markets, according to client advertising manager Jim Hayhurst.

Metzdorf founded Houston-based Metzdorf Advertising, which had more than $25 million in billings when it was sold in 1983 to Interpublic Group’s Marschalk Co. in New York.

“Years ago when Blue Bell was a fledgling company we thought it was a disadvantage to be in a little town called Brenham that no one knew about,” Hayhurst said. “Lyle said ‘this is something special for us’ and everything he’s done since then has been designed to support that image and we feel it’s a major point of differentiation in our product positioning.”

Campaign spending on the new spot is undisclosed. The client spent $3 million on media in the first 11 months of 2002, according to CMR.