Metaverse Marketing Podcast: Who Am I in the Metaverse?

The role of culture and identity in the future of the internet

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When most of your time spent with others is on digital platforms, is your digital identity a better representation of who you are than your physical identity? As we look towards the future, our avatars will play an increasingly important role in how we enter the metaverse and how we represent ourselves there. “The purpose of the avatar inside the metaverse is to truly look inside ourselves,” Kelly Vero says. The avatar can become an exploration of the self, but it can also give us the opportunity to be multiple selves, explore multiple identities or different facets of identity at once.

In the metaverse, everyone can create a unique identity, no matter how similar or different to your physical appearance and IRL identity. Identity is oftentimes heavily influenced by culture. And the culture of the past 30 years has been informed largely by one thing—the internet.

The internet and the evolution of social media have made way for all types of conversations about identity, self-determination and even gender. So how will the next evolution of the internet—the metaverse—inform our identity in the future? That’s the question we’ll explore in this week’s episode of Adweek’s Metaverse Marketing podcast.

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