Meow Mix Dangles Videogames

For the past year or so, Meow Mix has run a campaign themed around thinking like a cat. This month, the brand expanded on the idea with online games that test consumers’ ability to do just that., New York, rolled out 10 games that challenge users to do feline activities like playing with yarn or swiping at owners’ toes while they’re sleeping. Afterwards, the games reward users by offering explanations for their cats’ behavior.

“We wanted to have the user act as the cat and get inside their heads, so we used silly little tasks and turned them into games,” said Nadav Markel, art director at Alison Olsson, account executive on Meow Mix, said traffic has doubled since the games launched earlier this month.

The games, on, are also being promoted with banner ads on sites like, and The latter, the portal to the cable channel The Game Show Network, also will promote the Meow Mix Think Like a Cat Game Show, which will run on the channel on Nov. 15. TracyLocke, Dallas, handles the offline “Think like a cat” campaign.