Men Like Mobile Ads More Than Women

But favorability stats for both sexes are low, per study

Recent research has already suggested that men respond to Facebook ads more than women, and now the same appears to be true about mobile.

According to Millward Brown’s 2012 U.S. AdReaction Report released Tuesday (Nov. 27), men looked more favorably upon all eight types of mobile ads they were asked about compared to women in a survey involving around 1,000 consumers. However, it's worth noting that neither ladies nor gents are exactly crazy about getting on-the-go product pitches, according to the study.

There were a few somewhat surprising attitudinal disparities between genders in Millward Brown's data. The biggest difference was augmented reality ads, which men view as a positive experience at a 15 percent clip compared to 6 percent for women. Mobile video and mobile display ads also significantly tilted toward the guys when compared to their female counterparts—16 percent versus 8 percent for both types of ad unit.

Also interestingly, per Millward Brown, iPhone and iPad owners enjoy mobile ads more than users of other devices. For example, 24 percent of Apple aficionados have a positive view of in-app ads, while the same is true for just 10 percent for users of other devices.

Other categories where iPhone/iPad users roughly doubled the number of users of other devices in terms of favorability toward mobile ads included augmented reality, search, video and text-message/SMS.

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