Sometimes just a few words can make all the difference—and they may do exactly that in a new print ad for Liberty Travel by Blue Elephant.

The work, which was slated to appear yesterday in Liberty Travel’s usual space on the back page of the Sunday New York Times Travel section, seeks to memorialize the events of Sept. 11, 2001. The ad is almost entirely blank—except for the words, “A moment of silence,” which appear in small print in the center of the execution, and the client’s logo and Web site address, which appear at the bottom of the ad.

The work stands in marked contrast to the colorful “fantasy” ads touting Liberty’s travel services that often run in that space, said Richard Ellenson, president of the New York-based shop. “We felt that this moment lets people deal with it how they want to,” he said.

“For many people, to advertise on 9/11 is to intrude on something,” Ellenson added. “I think [Liberty’s] responsibility is [to reassure consumers], ‘Don’t worry, we’re still here.’ “