Mega’s Quiz Kids Supply Creative Solutions

NEW YORK The adventures of Philip and Alex, two inquisitive kids who go around asking adults impertinent questions, continue in the latest video meant to go viral from StrawberryFrog for Mega Brands, the Canadian toymaker.

In it, the duo, who each look to be 7 or 8 years old, ask grown-ups in front of the nation’s Capitol questions such as “Would you let a homeless person sleep in your house?” Answer from the suitably clueless adult: “Well, if he slept in my house, he wouldn’t be homeless, would he?”

It’s all meant to drive traffic to There an animated video, entitled “Creativity to the Rescue,” extols the virtues of creativity in all walks of life, especially in children.

“The premise is that creativity is ultimately the single most powerful thing in world. It’s the belief that creativity can solve all the world’s problems,” said Kevin McKeon, ecd at StrawberryFrog. “[‘Creativity to the Rescue’] is our anthem film, it’s a powerful expression of the brand idea.”

This is the third video from the New York shop meant to go viral. The other two have seen the kids at the United Nations and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. The video is expected to go out to mom- and kid-friendly sites, forums and social-networking sites, once the client grants final approval, no later than the first week in January.

“Mega said, ‘We’re going to take a pass here’ and not push the toys in the videos. If you build a relationship and a strong cultural bond with the brand, the shift goes from wandering in a toy store looking for a dragon toy to going into a store and seeing what’s there from Mega,” said McKeon.