Meeting Mccurry

Mike McCurry, White House press secretary from 1995 until this month, spent more than a hour last week with staffers at Miller/Shandwick.
McCurry was in Boston to kick off a new speaker’s series in development at Suffolk University. Prior to that engagement, he hooked up with former White House colleague Sam Myers, who joined the technology agency earlier this year. Myers had served as the associate director of presidential advance.
McCurry talked with some 40 Miller/ Shandwick employees over coffee about President Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and his own relationship with the media.
“He talked a lot about how he was able to deal with the pressures of such a high-profile position . . . and the importance of maintaining strong media relationships, whether you’re working for the president or a technology company,” recounted Miller/ Shandwick president Tony Sapienza. “He was very candid and very open. He hung around, gave us an hour and then some. You could see his wit and his warmth come through.”
McCurry also gave advice on separating one’s job and personal life, Sapienza recalled. “He didn’t install a fax machine at home until after he announced his intention to leave,” Sapienza said.
–Judy Warner