meeting of

the minds
Ed McCabe, Frank De-Vito and Kevin O’Neill are coming to Boston’s Westin Copley Hotel Thursday for “Meeting of the Minds,” a creative roundtable sponsored by The Wall Street Journal and presented by the Advertising Club of Greater Boston.
Through the years, the three industry legends have formed and guided numerous agencies, crafted countless high-profile campaigns and won literally thousands of awards. Each has been the focus of full-page Journal spreads in the newspaper’s long-running series profiling leading ad executives.
McCabe is perhaps best known for the Perdue mantra “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.” DeVito coined the phrase “I’m a Pepper, you’re a Pepper” for Dr. Pepper. O’Neill’s “Everybody loves fruit” ads helped put Fruit of the Loom on the map.
The trio will offer their perspectives, insights and anecdotes gleaned from the era of three-martini lunches and extra wide ties. Appropriately enough, festivities will begin promptly at
6 p.m. with an open bar. Contact the club at
(617) 262-1100 for more information.
–David Gianatasi