Meet Smalt, the Ridiculous Smart Salt Shaker That Has Mood Lighting and Streams Music

The 'interactive centerpiece' just got its first ad

Is your salt shaker just not high-tech enough? Then you need Smalt, the “interactive centerpiece” that just rolled out its first ad. Yes, it’s a real thing, even if the product—and the commercial (see below)—veer perilously close to parody.

Smalt is Bluetooth enabled and can talk to Amazon’s Alexa and stream music. It also features a color-changing mood light and can dispense salt in any amount you please. The app also helps you track your sodium intake. (“Dance to the beat and shake your salt out to amuse your guests or rock out on your own,” the promotional copy urges.)

The commercial comes off a bit like an SNL, with groups of young, attractive people marveling over the device around a dinner table. And let’s face it, the name Smalt feels like a joke as well.

But we’re assured it’s very real. In fact, there’s an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,000 of funding to get the device into production. (They’ve raised about $6,000 so far.) If all goes well, you’ll be Smalting to your hearts content by March 2018.