Meet The New Millionaires

The sales of Arnold Communications to Snyder Communications in Bethesda, Md., and Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos to New York-based Interpublic Group of Cos. made millions for more than just the chief executive officers of the Boston shops. At press time, Snyder stock was trading at around $47 a share and IPG at around $62 a share. –Judy Warner
Total share value*
Name, title No. of Snyder shares ($44 per share)
Ed Eskandarian, chairman, chief executive officer 1,596,299 $70,237,156.00
Charles Keifer, managing partner, chief financial officer 221,621 9,751,324.00
Thomas Lawson, managing partner 144,871 6,374,324.00
Lynn Rotando, former managing partner** 138,616 6,099,104.00
Richard Emerson, managing partner, chief operating officer 127,315 5,601,860.00
Joe Teixeira, managing partner, director of finance 112,674 4,957,656.00
Richard Britton, managing partner, president, The Arnold Agency 107,830 4,744,520.00
Ron Lawner, managing partner, chief creative officer 94,815 4,171,860.00
Fran Kelly, managing partner, chief marketing officer 39,638 1,744,072.00
Lysle Wickersham, managing partner, Wickersham Hunt Schwantner 27,771 1,221,924.00
Amy Hunt, managing partner, Wickersham Hunt Schwantner 23,143 1,018,292.00
Bob Cipriani, chairman, chief creative officer, Cipriani/Kremer Design 20,139 886,116.00
Peter Hanley, president, Arnold Advertising 11,905 523,820.00
TOTAL $117,332,028.00

Total share value*
Name, title No. of IPG shares ($59.75 per share)
Jack Connors, chairman, chief executive officer 1,233,250 $73,686,687.50
Connors family trusts 447,049 28,503,677.75
Fred Bertino, president, chief creative officer 76,854 4,592,026.50
Joe Norberg, chief operating officer 76,854 4,592,026.50
Terry Carleton, executive vice president, group account director 75,278 4,497,860.50
Brian Carty, executive vice president, new business 18,914 1,130,111.50
John Mills, chief financial officer 18,914 1,130,111.50
Rob Scalea, executive vice president, marketing sciences 18,914 1,130,111.50
Michael Sheehan, creative director 14,186 847,613.50
Kim Mayyasi, executive vice president, managing director, database marketing 13,397 800,470.75
Dennis Farrington, senior vice president, account director 11,278 673,860.50
Scott Cheyne, senior vice president, account director 9,677 578,200.75
Deb Martin, executive vice president, general manager 7,881 470,889.75
Stever Aubrey, executive vice president, group account director 7,880 470,830.00
Margaret Boles Fitzgerald, executive vice president, community relations 1,329 79,407.75
Karen Agresti, senior vice president, associate media director 400 23,900.00
Julianne Desisto, executive assistant to Jack Connors 379 22,645.25

TOTAL $123,230,431.50
*per stock price on day of registration
**Rotando left shortly after sale to join Ocean Spray Cranberries in top marketing job.
Source: Securities and Exchange Commission (Forms S-3, Registration Statements for Snyder Communications, May 19, 1998, and Interpublic Group of Cos., July 8, 1998)