MedMen’s CMO Is Creating a Safe and Welcoming Space in the Growing Cannabis Market

David Dancer talks about his marketing strategies in a sphere that is still not accepted by many

As CMO of MedMen, David Dancer aims to create a comfortable and welcoming space within the cannabis industry. MedMen

How do you market a category that has almost no historical consumer behavior data, no precedent on best practices, an outdated stigmatism of shame and is still illegal in many states and federally? Well, that’s exactly what David Dancer, CMO of MedMen, is on a mission to do.

Founded 10 years ago and valued at $2 billion annually, MedMen is one of the largest cannabis retailers globally, but only recently opened retail stores after California legalized cannabis for adult use. David is creating a robust CRM system, leveraging incoming retail customer data and newly-launched qualitative studies and navigating the complexities of media outlets and publishers while growing his team.

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