Medical Makeover

Schroffel & Associates is giving the University of California at Irvine Medical Center a makeover.
“Our research has shown that people simply do not know much about UCI Medical Center,” said Bruce Schroffel, the agency’s president and creative director. “Our client thought they had an image problem. In point of fact, they have a ‘no image’ problem.”
The Los Angeles shop’s prescription is to promote one of the health center’s most impressive assets–the Chao Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is one of only 31 “comprehensive” cancer centers in the U.S.
The agency’s estimated $1-2 million campaign is running in Los Angeles and Orange counties.
One 30-second TV spot (shown here) gradually zooms in from a shot of Earth from outer space to a doctor taking care of a patient at the cancer facility. The voiceover states, “The wonderful thing isn’t what the new center does; it’s where it is … Orange County.”
–Angela Dawson