Mediaedge:cia Promotes McLean To Run Worldwide Client Services Group

NEW YORK–WPP Group’s Mediaedge:cia has reshuffled its global client services group, promoting Andrew McLean, formerly the global client services director for the former Media Edge, to head the rechristened Worldwide Client Services and Solutions Group.

The changes reflect the integration of CIA Medianetwork, which was bought by WPP last November from Britain’s Tempus Group, into the Media Edge.

McLean, whose title is now chief client officer, will be supported by Ron de Pear, who becomes managing director of the group. De Pear was chairman of the former CIA Medianetwork’s international media management division.

Rounding out the management team are Zoja Paskaljevic, the CEO of the DaimlerChrysler Media Alliance; David Primmer, managing partner and head of the Colgate Palmolive Account; Martin Thomas, managing director, 36T and worldwide director Total Communications; and Mel Varley, joint-director of MediaLab (the company’s research and development group) and worldwide director of Strategic Communications.

McLean joined the former Media Edge two years ago from Walt Disney Corp. De Pear came to the former CIA a year and half ago from WPP’s MindShare.