Mediabrands Ventures Reorganizes Into 3 Units

Aligns with client consumer outreach

Mediabrands has reorganized its operating companies into three units created to align with the way the agency's clients reach out to consumers.

The three “bundles” aggregate what was formally known as Mediabrands Ventures, the portfolio of Interpublic digital and specialized businesses, into three groups. The first entity will deal with mass audiences and includes the Cadreon unit; the second is focused on targeting audiences and consumers by locations and includes Geomentum and Shopper Sciences in the U.S. and Geomarketing in Germany; and the third targets direct audiences through units such as ID Media and Ansible.

The change is the latest made by Matt Seiler, who in January was named global CEO of Mediabrands, the media holding company for Interpublic global networks Initiative and Universal McCann as well as for companies delivering more focused marketing services like those in Mediabrand Ventures.

Earlier this year Seiler reorganized the way the company regards its geographical operations, moving from a structure based on four regions to a “cluster” of three areas organized according to client marketing priorities: North America, G14 countries (ones that have been identified as the most important regions to marketers), and world markets.

In the latest realignment, Liz Ross, previously president of Mediabrands Ventures North America, takes on the role as head of the groups for Mediabrands North American cluster, and Anand Verma, formerly president of Mediabrands EMEA, becomes head of the groups within the G14 cluster. Both execs report directly to Seiler. Mediabrands is currently not applying its bundle strategy to the world markets segment as those emerging consumer economies are still nascent with needs that are different from the more developed G14 and North America regions.