Media That Works Forms New Planning Alliance

Media That Works is bolstering its media planning capabilities through a strategic alliance with analytical services company Hudson River Group.
The alliance between Cincinnati-based MTW, which handles approximately $500 million in media billings, and HRG, Valhalla, N.Y., has been dubbed Stratalytics. It is envisioned as a response to advertisers’ increasing call for accountability, said Susan Bentzinger, MTW’s senior vice president and chief strategic officer.
“Together, [the two companies] can deliver dramatically enhanced media planning from the point of view of return on marketing investment,” Bentzinger said.
The adage is that clients know only half their ad budget is working for them, but they don’t know which half, she said. “We think we can help [clients] maximize their spending so that both halves are working for them” through the complementary modeling and analysis tools the companies bring, she said.
“The idea is not to say to the client, ‘You need more TV,’ but to be able to say, ‘Here’s the media plan that achieves that, and here’s why,'” Bentzinger said.
“MTW, like many independent media companies, has been best-known for its buying capabilities,” Bentzinger said. “We determined that the next step was to augment our advanced analytics [in planning]. Accountability for effectiveness has become so important [in the media field], and this alliance speaks to that directly.”
After discussions with a number of analytic services companies, MTW proposed an alliance with HRG because the strategic modeling the latter provides can be customized to a variety of categories, including nonpackaged goods, and all media, she said.
HRG has worked with clients including AT&T, Colgate-Palmolive, MasterCard and Quaker Oats. MTW’s clients include Andrew Jergens, Easy Spirit/Nine West, Star Bank and StarKist Foods.