Media Kitchen’s Outer Limits

Media Kitchen is aiming for close encounters in an unusual campaign for the Sci-Fi Channel’s upcoming $40 million abduction miniseries, Taken.

The ad effort be gins next week and is set to hit its peak during Thanksgiving weekend. The New York media shop’s buy includes plac ing UFO-like im ages into packages of photos developed by Snapfish, a San Francisco-based digital photo developer.

As part of the estimated $25 million campaign, 700,000 photos that show a couple and what could be a UFO will be inserted into the packages—which consumers may get at Snapfish stores or at other photo shops that use Snapfish technology—during the next few weeks. The photos’ reverse sides feature Taken’s logo and air dates.

The effort also includes a traveling interactive exhibition on UFOs and a 45-second trailer that will run in movie theaters starting Thanksgiving week end. Besides Sci-Fi’s on-air promotional spots, TV commercials for Taken will run during programs like The Late Show With David Letterman. Creative was done in-house.

“We’re combining fact and fiction in very subtle, interactive ways,” said Media Kitchen chairman and CEO Paul Woolmington of the effort.

Taken, produced by Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks SKG, debuts on Dec. 2. It focuses on three families affected by alien abductions, incorporating key events in American history.