‘Media Cooperative’ Takes Shape

NEW YORK – If the New Year’s resolutions of Michael Kubin and Bob Ingram come true, they will be managing in mid-1993 a media cooperative built around the billings of three or four mid-sized agencies with a combined $1 billion in buying weight. Their plan is to provide clients with innovative, flexible planning and aggressive buying, meshing the traditional roles of the independent buying service and the traditional full-service agency media department. It will, Kubin and Ingram resolve, help define the way media is bought and sold in this country in the future. Kubin and Ingram are president and ceo, respectively, of Media Incorporated one of New York’s newest media buying services. While going about the business of servicing their clients – the most prominent being Club Med – they are in active discussions with top-level agency executives about forming what they call ‘a media cooperative.’
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