Media Circus

Hundreds of media buyers, planners and advertisers came together in New York once again last week for the six TV networks’ annual fall programming preview.
As usual, the networks spend lots of money to show off, and this year’s parties did not disappoint. Media executives, who have come to expect the freebies in advance of the all-nighters they will be pulling very soon, look forward to these events all year.
ABC, for example, turned the Big Apple into a bit of Disneywood. First they trotted out the cast of the musical The Lion King (a Disney production) at the New Amsterdam Theater, then threw an exclusive party at Bryant Park Grill.
Media execs and clients alike were not shy to form long lines in order to have their photo taken with the likes of Peter Gallagher from Sex, Lies and Videotape.
The stars took it all in stride. Asked if he minded being put on display, Jeremy Piven (shown here), the star of the new ABC show Cupid said: “It’s all part of it. I just expected it to be more high-tech, that’s all.” After all, it’s only New York.
– Cristina Merrill