Media Agencies: Car Pool

Where the media dollars go, plus the numbers on automotive ad spending American-made vehicles took center stage through the first seven months of 1997, according to data compiled by Competitive Media Reporting.
General Motors led the way, with five brands in the top 15: No. 1 Chevrolet spent 9.3 percent more on advertising; No. 4 Pontiac-GMC rose 59 percent; No. 7 Buick, had a more modest 6.1 percent increase; No. 9 Saturn grew 19.6 percent; and No. 11 Cadillac doubled its advertising budget, increasing spending by 122.4 percent. No. 2 Dodge grew its ad spend by 8 percent to $289 million. Plymouth and Chrysler, No. 14 and No. 15, respectively, saw slight increases of 8 percent and 2.6 percent. Jeep rose 44.5 percent. The other major American automaker, Ford Motor Co., grew its auto/truck division ad budget by 1.4 percent to $277 million, but No. 14 Mercury spent 14.2 percent less during the same period. Japanese car makers either retrenched No. 6 Nissan (minus 31.2 percent) and No. 8 Mazda (an 18.6 drop)–or grew modestly: No. 5 Honda (+2.6 percent) and No. 10 Toyota (+7.5 percent).
–Mark Lang