‘Mecca’ Turns to Creaxion for Atlanta Intro

ATLANTA Creaxion has been hired without a review to help launch a new magazine aimed at professional African Americans in Atlanta, the shop said.

The magazine, Mecca, is scheduled to release its first issue this summer with 50,000 copies. Renaissance Urban Media Group of Atlanta publishes the magazine.

Mecca will be published 11 months each year and include articles for and about the city’s black community. It will detail the achievements of black business, politics, entertainment and sports in Atlanta.

“This is the biggest small town on earth,” said Goldie Taylor, founder of Renaissance Urban Media Group and executive publisher of the magazine. “We’re thrilled to finally be able to give it the coverage it deserves.”

Creaxion, an independent shop in Atlanta, will provide advertising, including broadcast, print, Internet and outdoor, in addition to public relations and event marketing to support the magazine’s launch. Details of the work have not been finalized, the shop said.

“There’s simply nothing like Mecca in the marketplace,” said Mark Pettit, president and CEO of the shop. “Atlanta’s African-American community is one of the largest, most affluent and successful in the nation.”

Spending on the campaign was not disclosed.