McGarrah/Jessee Forms Design Studio

DALLAS McGarrah/Jessee has opened a design shop called Chaos Concept Manufacturing.

The six-person operation will be housed in McGarrah/Jessee’s Austin, Texas, building but will operate separately, focusing on logo development, brochures, packaging and annual reports.

McGarrah/Jessee had handled some design work before, often contracting projects to outside sources or freelancers. The independent, 30-person shop decided to launch a separate design group to avoid potential conflicts for clients seeking design work who already have an ad agency, McGarrah/Jessee co-founder Bryan Jessee said. He added, “We didn’t want [Chaos] to need to rely on our [agency’s] reputation but its own talents and abilities.”

The two agencies will share some business—initially, Whataburger and Frost Bank—but Chaos will also acquire its own accounts, Jessee said. The shop takes its name from an aspect of design operations: “It seems like in that line of work it’s always a scramble and you’re always racing to get stuff done,” he said.

Jessee and co-founder Mark McGarrah will manage Chaos, though senior designer Derrit DeRouen will handle day-to-day duties.

DeRouen joined McGarrah/Jessee last year from his own firm, DeRouen Designs, in Austin. DeRouen has also worked at T3 in Austin and Rives Carlberg in Houston.

The other staffers at Chaos are designers Craig Crutchfield, Ryan Rhodes and Christian Helms and mechanical artists Nicole Quoss and Jessica Meyer.