McDonald’s Was Lovin’ Everyone Else’s Super Bowl Ads on Twitter

Brand follows through on ad's positive message

During tonight's Super Bowl, Nationwide, Fiat, Chevy Colorado, Snickers, Turbo Tax, Esurance, Skittles and other brands have trended nationally on Twitter, thanks to either in-game commercials or pregame activity that ranged from TV spots to product giveaways that people loved.

McDonald's, though, has really stood out. The fast-food slinger was tweeting like crazy about other marketer's spots, and the messages garnered thousands of retweets. It appears that its social media work is faring better than its Big Game TV spot, which earned a thumbs-down from our real-time reviewing team.

Here is a sample of the efforts by the Golden Arches, which has been tweeting almost every minute with the word "lovin'." McDonald's even riffed on Jublia's toe fungus ad.