McDonald’s Created Clever Visuals to Celebrate Moving Day in Quebec

For hundreds of years, it has been traditional for Quebecois to move on the same day

Smart campaign sees people's possessions transformed into food items. Cossette / McDonald's Canada

In the U.S, moving day is usually dictated by a new house purchase or a lease on a rental property coming to an end. But for people living in the province of Quebec, in eastern Canada, Moving Day is a somewhat formal event that takes place on the same day every year—as it has done for centuries.

Tradition has it that Quebecois move home on July 1, owing to the fact most tenancies begin and end on that date.

The custom stretches back to efforts in the 1700s to formalize rental agreements. It used to be customary to move on May 1, but this was later moved to July 1—a public holiday, which today is celebrated as Canada Day.

To celebrate Moving Day, McDonald’s Canada, via agency Cossette, created an outdoor ad campaign showing the insides of moving trucks packed with people’s possessions arranged as classic menu items including a burger, fries and an Egg McMuffin.

Each image is meant to subtly tell a story through its details.

The French fries execution hints at a young man moving into his first apartment in a trendy Montreal neighborhood, while the Big Mac iteration is about a family with kids moving into a suburban home. The Egg McMuffin ad features the belongings of a young couple moving into their first home.

The agency also released a GIF showing how one of the images was assembled:


Agency: Cossette
Client: Mélanie Courtois and Melissa Hains, McDonald’s Canada
Creatives: Guillaume St-Hilaire, François-Julien Rainville, Alexandre Jutras, Ben Duquette, Alexandre Gadoua, Barbara Jacques
Accounts: Pauline Gomis
Media agency: OMD
Production house: Consulat
Photographer: Simon Duhamel
Assistant: Renaud Lafrenière
Art director: Sylvain Lemaître
Editing: Visual Box
Production: Eliane Sauvé

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