McCann Sets Buick Rendezvous

McCann-Erickson is beginning work on a campaign for the Buick Rendezvous, which was unveiled last week at the Chicago Auto Show.
The so-called “hybrid” vehicle combines elements of a luxury sedan, a minivan and a sport utility vehicle. It is the closest approximation to a truck from Buick since 1923. Targeting upscale families with parents in their early 40s, the vehicle should be a “big shot in the arm” for the Buick demographics, said Buick general manager Roger Adams. The average age of Buick buyers is over 60, but should come down to the low 50s after the Rendezvous’ introduction, he said.
The first of several direct mail campaigns breaks next month, and Internet activities have already begun, Adams said. TV spots for the 2002 model won’t break until summer 2001, but McCann, Troy, Mich., is already preparing marketing efforts to get consumers used to the idea of a truck coming from Buick, he said.
This summer Buick will put the vehicle on tour at music and sporting events across the country, Adams said. That effort will continue throughout this year.
Pro golfer Tiger Woods, who recently signed a deal with Buick and is appearing in its current divisional campaign, will figure prominently in all aspects of the Rendezvous’ advertising, Adams said. The Rendezvous was a key component in cementing the deal with the 24-year-old athlete, he said. Woods is scheduled to get the first Rendezvous off the production line in spring 2001. K