Overall Billings Growth: Up 12% to $1.57 billion: (grade A)
Clients Lost: McDonald’s Outstate Michigan, Tree Top Juice, Quality Food Centers, Hilton Hotels: (grade B)
New Clients: Safeway, Anacin, Hitachi, Aldus Software, Mexicana Air, GMC Truck Retail, more: (grade A+)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 5.4%, or $76 million: (grade A-)
Creativity: No amount of clever Taster’s Choice spots from the U.K. can overshadow the shop’s failure to sell Coke on its creative product: (grade C)
Management Savvy: The CAA debacle deflected attention from a tremendous growth year. Kudos to John Dooner and John Fitzgerald: (grade A-)
Teacher’s Comments: Unless it can recapture some lost ground on Coke, McCann is destined to look like a victim rather than a juggernaut.
Overall Grade: B+
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