McCabe Clarifies Software Vendor’s Position

BOSTON McCabe Duval + Associates has launched a branding campaign for ClearStory Systems, provider of enterprise management software previously known as INSCI Corp.

The agency developed the new name as well as a print effort to relaunch the company, which is located in Westborough, Mass.

One print ad shows a blazing light bulb with the headline, “A brighter, easier way to switch your content.” Copy discusses how client products help companies manage documents, e-mail and video. The tagline: “Turn to ClearStory. Turn on your content.”

“The name ‘ClearStory’ is relevant on both a literal and figurative level,” said Chris Duval, president of the independent shop in Portland, Maine. It is
derived from an architectural term, ‘clerestory,’ that describes a windowed wall of a room that is carried higher than the surrounding roofs in order to light the
interior space.

By adapting that word, the new corporate name suggests that ClearStory products are “built with powerful capabilities for enabling on-demand access to assets, the software allows users to ‘illuminate’ assets in the enterprise that might otherwise be hidden,” Duval said.

—Adweek staff report