Mazda Ads Play Off ‘Zoom Zoom’ Feeling

In an effort to enhance the visibility of its brand in regional markets, Mazda extends and pokes fun at its “Zoom Zoom” theme in regional dealer TV spots from Doner that are rolling out this month.

Mazda also is considering a full-line marketing push as part of its media buy for the Summer Olympics, which would be its first since the mid-’90s, said Robert Davis, svp, marketing and product development.

The dealer spots, from Doner’s Newport Beach, Calif., office, feature humorous takes on the brand’s long-running “Zoom Zoom” campaign, tagged with local dealer offerings. In one spot, cardboard boxes zoom down a delivery ramp, but the last one has a thrill-seeking delivery guy inside. Another ad shows a woman pretending her pottery-wheel pedal is an accelerator. A voiceover says, “We didn’t invent the feeling, just a better way to get it.”

The spots (versions of which will run nationally) are an effort to keep sales strong during the traditionally slow first quarter. Davis said he wanted to bring some of the emotional appeal of national ads to regionals to sustain visibility. “I wanted a campaign that was relevant to the overall brand campaign and to product launches,” he said.

Mazda finished 2003 with sales up 3 percent from the previous year. January sales were up nearly 25 percent.

Mazda spent $210 million on advertising through November 2003, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR. The car maker plans to run the dealer spots through the summer.