Maybe If Operas Had Cheerleaders

Soap operas aren’t the only ones women watch more than men. A report by the National Endowment for the Arts finds the same goes for operatic operas. Indeed, as you can see from the chart, women are more engaged than men in all sorts of cultural events. This tendency isn’t confined to performances: Men were also less likely than women to have visited an art museum (25 percent vs. 28 percent). It’d be nice to think the lads are too busy reading Proust to venture out in pursuit of culture, but far fewer men than women read “literature” last year (38 percent vs. 55 percent). One motif of the report is that the none-too-young audience for culture is getting even older. A typical example: The median age of those who went to a classical concert last year was 49, vs. 45 in 1992. Lest you think this reflects youthful aversion to the works of dead European males, note that jazz is not exempt from the aging trend: The median age of those attending jazz events in 2002 was 43, vs. 37 in 1992.