Mattiace, Other Golfers Tout New Ben Hogan Ball

Professional golfers Len Mattiace, Hal Sutton and Bernhard Langer appear in a $20 million national campaign promoting Spalding Sports Worldwide’s new four-piece Ben Hogan Apex Tour golf ball.

A 30-second television spot, set to break this week, shows players such as Mattiace, Sutton, Langer and Luke Donald endorsing the ball’s advantages. “It’s way ahead of the curve” and “I’ve never hit anything like it” are two phrases used by the players.

“Introducing the new four-piece Ben Hogan Apex Tour golf ball,” a voiceover says, in part. “Even the pros are amazed.”

The spot closes with the players reciting, “Rip it. And stick it. You’ve never played a ball like this.”

The new ball features two rubber core layers and two outer layers designed to give the product greater distance, velocity and control. “We think it will revolutionize the world of golf balls,” said Jim Craigie, president and CEO of the Chicopee, Mass.-based company.

The initiative features TV and print ads crafted by Boston agency GSO/Davis, which is in the process of being acquired by Allen & Gerritsen of Watertown, Mass.

The spot will air on the Golf Channel and on broadcast networks during golf tournaments throughout the summer. More ads may follow, according to the agency.

The TV work is similar in style and theme to print ads that break simultaneously. In one execution, Mattiace says, “I’m 15-20 yards, sometimes 40 yards longer, than guys I used to be even with. It’s the best ball out there. There’s nothing else like it.” Other ads in the print series quote Sutton, Langer, Donald and Dennis Paulson.

Those ads will be appearing in publications such as Golf Week,Golf World, Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated.