Match’s ‘Last Will’ Is TV First for Arrow

ATLANTA Forty-year-old Arrow Exterminators broke its first television campaign this week under the tagline, “Beyond the call.”

An initial $1 million effort from Match introduces the theme in a 30-second spot that is airing in the Atlanta market.

Dubbed “Last Will,” the commercial shows a funeral procession of limousines en route to a cemetery. The voice of a deceased customer recites his last will and testament, ending with bequests to his wife, his family and, in the last frame, his Arrow exterminator, Brad. A cut to Brad, driving behind the limos, reveals an emotional service man.

Media plans call for the commercial to run 18 times per week through May on WSB-TV, Atlanta’s ABC affiliate. Targeting women ages 18-24, the buy includes Live With Regis and Kelly, All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital and Oprah. Arrow will also sponsor Georgia Lottery updates on the evening news.

An expanded campaign in Tennessee and Florida is planned for mid-year, according to the Atlanta agency.

The “Beyond the call” line, conceived by copywriter Ted Nelson and incorporated into the company logo, evolved from research among Arrow’s existing clients.