Match Wins Arrow’s Advertising

Match has been named lead advertising agency for Arrow Exterminators.

The Atlanta agency bested crosstown co-finalist BaylessCronin in a review. Search consultant Chick Munhall of The Munhall Group here oversaw the review, which also included KilgannonMcReynolds, Cole Henderson Drake, Huey/Paprocki, Sawyer Riley Compton, T.G. Madison, Bigelow & Eigel and Freebairn & Co., all in Atlanta. There was no incumbent. Billings are undisclosed.

The 38-year-old company was looking for a full-service agency to develop its first multimedia campaign, according to agency founder and creative director B.A. Albert. “It’s great that we’ll be starting out with a clean slate,” she said.

According to Ray Crim, vice president of operations for the client, the selection was based on chemistry and ability. “We’re impressed with the quality and dimension of what they brought to the table,” Crim said. “They’re creative and energetic.”

With 32 service locations in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Arizona, Arrow of Roswell, Ga., trails industry leader Terminex of Memphis, Tenn., and Atlanta-based Orkin for “top-of-mind awareness,” said Munhall.

The exterminator has grown from a $1 million business in 1980 to $57 million in 2001, primarily through acquisitions of independent operations. Brand awareness, even in metro Atlanta where Arrow has 15 offices, seemed nonexistent.

“Advertising will raise theirvisibility and increase their share of the business in this area,”said Munhall.

Previous marketing efforts were limited to direct mail and billboards.

“Arrow has all the charac-teristics of a successful advertiser,” said Match president Sal Kibler. “They have an excellent product and reputation, and a belief that marketing works. It’s a perfect start for a brand-awareness campaign.”

Match will develop an ad campaign relying primarily on television. The work is scheduled to launch in spring 2003 to coincide with termite-swarming season.

Spots will likely target women. Creative approaches will probably involve humor and tout the family-owned firm’s customer service.