MasterCard, Bubblicious Reveal Creative

NEW YORK As the Super Bowl looms, MasterCard and Bubblicious have released details about their spots airing during the big game on Sunday.

The 30-second MasterCard ad, via McCann Erickson in New York, features 10 different advertising icons, ranging from Count Chocula and the Pillsbury Doughboy to the Vlasic Stork and Chef Boyardee. It will air during the fourth quarter.

In the spot, directed by Kinka Usher, all of the characters sit around the table. The voiceover details how much each food item on the table costs. “Crescent rolls: $1.99,” the voiceover states. “Getting everyone together for dinner? Priceless.” As Charlie Tuna takes the dishes into the kitchen, Mr. Clean stands poised for action by the sink.

Bubblicious will break an ad during the first quarter that introduces the Cadbury Adams brand’s Lightning Lemonade flavor. Created by JWT in New York and directed by Josh & Xander of Partizan, the spot shows NBA player LeBron James walking onto a basketball court. “So much hype, so much pressure,” a voiceover says. James then blows a huge bubble. “So much for letting it affect you,” the voiceover concludes.

Today, Fox confirmed it has sold all of the 59 commercial slots available during the Super Bowl.