Maryoku Yummy Hits Tween Brands Stores

American Greetings Properties is hoping that tween girls put Maryoku Yummy on their wish lists now that a consumer products program has been rolled out at nearly 600 Tween Brands stores, including Limited Too and Justice.
“Limited Too and Justice stores are the perfect partner to launch this exciting and fashionable line of tween ‘Maryoku Yummy’ products. Maryoku’s whimsical world of wishes makes this product line a fantasy come true for tweens across the country,” said Mackenzie Glass, creative director of design for American Greetings Properties.

The line of collectible mini and large character plush, collectible buttons, flavored lollipops, character journals, scented nail polish, flavored lip gloss and wish bracelets will remain in stores through Easter.

To get the word out to the 8 million to 10 million unique monthly shoppers that pass through its doors, Tween Brands worked closely with American Greetings Properties on a brand launch that included in-store signage, commercials on the Tween Network, print catalog ads, online at and on

The property features the whimsical world of the Yummy, where Maryoku and her friends foster wishes to come true.