Marvel Will Unlock Its New Avengers Trailer Once Enough Fans Have Tweeted About It [UPDATE: It’s Live]

Age of Ultron clip inches toward digital debut

[UPDATE: The trailer is live, and it's pretty great. Our original writeup is below.]

Want to see the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer? If so, you best get tweeting.

Whether you think it's brilliant or diabolical (probably both), you have to admire Marvel's use of a promoted tweet that allows fans to slowly unlock the next ad for the upcoming Avengers film:

The promoted message's "tweet to unlock" button generates the following message to share with your followers: "Together we can unlock the brand new @Avengers trailer! Tweet using #AvengersAssemble so we get it faster!"

Here's what the full promoted tweet looks like:

If you feel like joining in the fan frenzy, you should probably jump on it now, because the clip seems to be unlocking by another percentage point every minute or two, and the pace is likely to increase as it becomes a larger trending topic. 

We'll update this post once the clip is revealed.