Martin Refreshes Project Exile Message

ATLANTA The Martin Agency shows the negative effects of illegal gun usage in a new phase of its continuing campaign for Project Exile.

The Richmond, Va., shop said it has developed radio, print, bus wrap and outdoor ads for the local client that target at-risk youth and former inmates.

Martin was tapped by Project Exile in 1997, just months after the launch of the program. The shop said that the goal of the new work is to refresh the message to “ensure that it doesn’t become background noise on the streets.”

“Streaks,” “Love Letter,” “Baby’s Birthday” and “Happy New Year” all feature a dark background photo that seems to be a jail cell wall, with marks that represent time spent incarcerated. Handwritten notes among the slashes include “Baby’s Birthday” and “Happy New Year.”

The campaign focuses on new legislation in Richmond that allows law enforcement officials to prosecute criminals who are caught using illegal guns while committing crimes. The offenders are sent to federal prisons, instead of local jails, receiving no less than five-year terms, hence the term “Project Exile.”

Since the launch of Project Exile in 1997, Richmond’s murder rate has been reduced 50 percent and nearly 2,000 guns have been removed local streets, according to Martin.

Project Exile posters are currently displayed in Richmond-area ABC stores, social services offices and other Virginia locations, the shop said. The PE Bus and a mobile billboard are traveling throughout the Richmond metropolitan area, and radio spots are airing on local stations.

Campaign spending is not disclosed.