Martin Has UPS Back on Nascar Track

ATLANTA UPS next week will air the third in a series of ads touting the company’s Nascar sponsorship and that racing circuit’s driver, Dale Jarrett.

Three 30-second commercials from The Martin Agency continue to play off the humorous “Race the truck” campaign that the Richmond, Va., shop launched three years ago.

In this series, Atlanta-based UPS has hired Formula One racing legend Jackie Stewart to convince Jarrett to race the “big brown truck” instead of his beloved No. 88 Ford Taurus.

In the upcoming “In-Car Crew,” Stewart hypes the truck by demonstrating via filmed on-track scenarios how an “in-car” trio of sportscasters could enrich the racing experience. Jarrett, caught off guard by his sponsor’s determination and Stewart’s involvement, is left speechless.

“These ads have taken on a life of their own and they continue to grow,” said Jarrett. “I keep telling the fans I’m not driving the truck, but it’s a question that is asked every day.”

The spot debuts April 27 on Fox network and FX cable stations. All spots will air on TNT starting in July.