Martin Breaks Project Exile Spot

ATLANTA The Martin Agency has introduced a new television ad for the Project Exile campaign against gun violence, the shop said.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “Possessions,” depicts an inmate being processed into a federal prison after his conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm. The spot emphasizes the loss of all personal possessions, including the separation from family and friends, while serving prison time. It will run on cable networks and in movie theaters in Newport News and Richmond, Va., through the first quarter of next year.

Martin, an Interpublic Group shop in Richmond, has provided advertising pro bono for Project Exile since its inception in 1997. The work has included print, broadcast and outdoor advertising.

Project Exile is a federal program that began in Richmond as an effort to reduce gun violence. Since then, it has spread to Rochester, N.Y., Oakland, Calif., Philadelphia, Boston and five states. The program allows federal prosecution for possession of a gun by a felon or possession of a gun while committing a felony. Punishment is a mandatory five-year sentence in federal prison.