the Magazine Advertising Representatives of the South (MARS) in Atlanta has created a new award with the purpose of recognizing outstanding work and drawing national client attention to the work of Southeastern agencies.

The kudo will be called the Sammy, which stands for Southeast Award for Magazine Excellence. Shops eligible to participate include those in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and the Carolinas.

To enter a campaign, it must have appeared in 1997 and include magazines in the media mix. The effort could have been introduced at any time, but at least one magazine execution had to appear this year.

All shops submitting entries will be recognized in a mailing to major marketing executive across the country, with the name of the agency, its president and phone number included. A letter from the president of MARS will encourage clients to look to the South when they have a new business opportunity.

For those wanting to learn more about what makes Sammy run, call MARS at (404) 364-4031.

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