MarketTools Adds Real-Time Reporting

LOS ANGELES Market research firm MarketTools has enhanced its on-demand services to include real-time integrated research reporting using mobile devices, according to Heidi Dickert, vice president of new products.

The San Francisco-based company tested one of the applications, for analyzing reaction to movies, with Warner Bros. The Burbank, Calif., studio could interview moviegoers and take surveys using mobile devices immediately after screenings, she said.

“The big difference is in the way people interact in terms of polling,” she said. “Typically polling has used text messaging for single-point information—the American Idol voting using one, two or more choices, for example. Our system integrates the research reporting of a 10- to 15-minute survey into a complete picture.”

She said that a movie executives could, for example, do real-time tracking of a movie’s performance on a Friday night, harvesting more information, instantly integrated, than through exit polling for a “true read on the situation.”

The company has 2.5 million people signed up for pre-screened panels, she said. The system can work with either pre-recruited panels or could be initiated by consumers at the point-of-sale, for in-store evaluation.

Dickert said one client is a “major packaged-goods company” she was not permitted to disclose. Television evaluation is also possible.