Marketing Firm Launched: DavisElen and Los Angeles TV Exec are Partners

DavisElen Advertising has become a partner in a new integrated marketing company established by a former KCAL-TV marketing executive.
Stacy Okonowsky, most recently vice president of media and marketing at KCAL-TV in Los Angeles, is heading up the operation, called deo/Millennium Marketing. Her title is president and chief executive officer. Although operating as an independent company, deo/Millennium is located in the same Los Angeles offices as DavisElen and is owned in part by DavisElen principals Mark Davis and Bob Elen.
The agency has been set up to handle marketing for three categories of clients: broadcast and entertainment, sports and general accounts. It also will handle sales promotion and public relations.
“Many people in our industry use the terms ‘marketing’ and ‘promotion’ freely, but haven’t proven themselves to be good marketers,” said Okonowsky. “Our goal is to take a variety of marketing concepts and creative ideas and integrate them.”
The agency is working for some of DavisElen’s clients, but will primarily solicit its accounts independently. It already has picked up a sales promotion assignment from CBS Radio Group in Los Angeles and a partnership cross-promotion project for KCAL and DavisElen client Ski Dazzle.
Okonowsky is in the process of hiring staff for the new company. In addition to its own staff, deo/Millennium will use DavisElen resources. “By the end of the year, we expect to have 15 full-time people on staff,” she said. Okonowsky also will rely on a pool of freelance specialists for project work.
Prior to founding the marketing firm with Davis and Elen, Okonowsky oversaw marketing campaigns for KCAL-TV’s entertainment, kids and sports properties. She won a local Emmy as the executive producer of KCAL Kids Crew. Previously, she was head of marketing and research at KBIG radio in Los Angeles.