Market indicators

National TV: Slow
Third-quarter scatter business coming in “dribs and drabs” with heavy makegoods causing prices to exceed upfront by
15-20 percent.
Net Cable: Intense
Top 20 nets jamming to finish upfront before July 4. Some majors out of sale; midsize nets approach 85-90 percent sold. No action in third-quarter scatter yet.
Spot TV: Brisk
Fast foods, soft drinks, package goods, telcos and cars move well. Summer movie promos picking up; retail showing signs of life heading into July 4.
Radio: Mixed
National spot fairly open; local spots strong. Automotive and telcos drive sales; retail and movies are weak. July looks to be weaker than forecasted.
Magazines: Strong
Books across the board are anticipating a record September, topping 1996. Women’s books say drugs & remedies, food, domestic auto and surprises such as finance and telecommunications are hot.